If the tractor has been sitting idle over the winter months with the battery connected, it is more than likely to have lost its charge, if not fully than at least partially. Cold temperatures accelerate battery discharge rates. We recommend removing the battery at the end of the season and storing in a warm and dry environment to prevent discharge. Replace any batteries that show signs of wear or don’t hold a charge.

Follow these steps to charge the battery:

Remove the battery:

  1. Open the bonnet and disconnect the negative cable and then the positive cable from the battery
  2. Unsecure the battery as per user manual
  3. Remove the battery

Clean battery:

  1. Clean terminals and battery cable ends with a wire brush
  2. Coat terminals with dielectric grease or petroleum jelly

Charge battery:

  1. Remove battery from unit
  2. Place battery on bench in your garage or shed (or other well-ventilated area)
  3. Connect positive lead of charger to positive battery terminal
  4. Connect negative lead of charger to negative battery terminal
  5. Charge battery following battery manufacturer’s instructions

Install battery:

  1. Reinstall positive cable and then the negative cable
  2. Secure the battery as per user manual
  3. Close the bonnet