Uneven Mower Cut

If your mower is providing an uneven cut, ensure that:

1. Blades are sharp and not bent.

2. Tire pressure is correct for all wheels.

3. Underside of mower deck is clear of accumulated clippings.

4. Deck level is adjusted correctly, left to right. - Refer to Manual

5. Deck pitch is adjusted correctly, front to back. - Refer to Manual

5. Anti-scalp wheels are adjusted correctly. Note: Wheels should not touch ground, but set 1/2"-1" below blade height.

6. Engine is running at full throttle while cutting.

If you continue to have problems with your machine after ensuring all the above have been checked please visit or contact your local dealer for advice.

If you do not know who your local dealer is please use the Countax or Westwood website.